It’s like the wheel is being reinvented!

siyah ve gümüş araba motoruMichelin introduced its new airless tires at the Movin’On Summit Conference in Canada. Michelin named these tires, developed together with the US company General Motors, as “Michelin Uptis Prototype.” UPTIS is a name inspired by the “Unique Punctureproof Tire System.”

Michelin UPTIS marks a significant step towards achieving Michelin’s VISION concept, presented at the 2017 Movin’On Summit as an example of Michelin’s sustainable mobility research and development strategy.

VISION embodies four fundamental innovation bases: airless, connected, produced with 3D printers, and 100 percent sustainable.

Both companies aim to introduce this airless tire model in passenger cars around 2024. In addition, it is also known that the tires are being tested on a small electric car called the Chevrolet Bolt these days.

According to Michelin’s statement, around 200 million tires worldwide are scrapped prematurely each year due to punctures, damage from road hazards, or improper air pressure resulting in uneven wear. Michelin aims to solve this problem with UPTIS airless tire technology. In addition, UPTIS stands out with its environmentally friendly economic structure by reducing raw materials for tire renewal or spare tire production.

At the same time, making drivers feel safer on the road, Michelin minimizes downtime for passenger car fleets caused by flat tires and increases efficiency by reducing the maintenance level to almost non–existent.

It Provides Great Advantages!

  • Thanks to its airless technology, UPTIS will become explosion-proof. In the case of mass production, it will have a significant potential to reduce raw materials and waste related to the tire.
  • It seems that it will end the surprise costs as the maintenance costs will be almost non–existent.

Michelin’s unique airless tires, namely UPTIS, are a new solution for passenger cars. The system should offer a more negligible risk of a flat tire and other tire loss failures on the road. Because, the importance of tires for a car is undeniable, and they are one of the essential parts that keep us on the road. The stronger the tires are, the safer we will be.

Tires are an expensive but necessary automobile part for humans. So launching a tire that no punctures can’t stop is a huge benefit and innovation.

Michelin says it has no way of knowing how long a tire will last. However, drivers should still inspect and replace tires after a maximum of five years. This is because an airless tire lasts about three times longer than conventional tires.

Which Materials Are Used?

Glass composite materials are used in UPTIS tire technology. While a tunnel can easily take the air pressure between the two walls, the walls are connected with composite material. The material between the fences is positioned in a V shape.

The amount of material used in tires and the tire’s weight are higher than today’s tires. The V system created between the tire walls uses the air so well that it makes its operating system very easy.

In this respect, UPTIS Technology, produced in partnership with Michelin and General Motors, is expected to be on the roads by 2024. With the partnership agreement, airless tire technology has become the priority of both companies.

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