Pioneering Excellence in Business and Technology

Pioneering Excellence in Business and Technology

At aNumak & Company, we transcend the conventional role of consultants – we are architects of the future. Renowned globally as leaders in both management and technology consulting, we take pride in crafting scalable business blueprints that span diverse industries.

At aNumak & Company, we transcend the conventional role of consultants – we are architects of the future. Renowned globally as leaders in both management and technology consulting, we take pride in crafting scalable business blueprints that span diverse industries

aNumak & Company

Why Align With Us?

  • Strategic Ingenuity: We specialize in transforming traditional business structures into dynamic, high-octane models, envisioning and executing distinction

  • Insightful Expertise: Backed by profound knowledge from domain stalwarts, our recommendations and solutions are deeply rooted in industry understanding

  • Our A-Team: Boasting a talent pool from Global Fortune 500 companies and premier B-schools, our elite team is equipped and enthusiastic to propel your business into new dimensions of success

  • Client-Centricity: Your aspirations drive our solutions.

Who we are.

Consulting Pioneers in Business & Tech

aNumak & Company redefines consulting, blending business and technology expertise to lead transformative change. Specializing in Data Modernization, Generative AI, Supply Chain Optimization, Sales & Marketing, and Digital Transformation, we architect success for diverse industries. Our elite A-team, backed by profound insights, propels businesses into new realms of excellence. Choose aNumak for innovation that transcends boundaries





Our Mission

Driving global digital transformation, we empower businesses with innovative solutions for growth and efficiency, ensuring market leadership and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Our Vision

Aiming to be a global leader, we drive digital transformation, fostering unparalleled business growth, efficiency, and exceptional customer satisfaction

Our Partners

Meet Our Advisory Board: Guiding Our Vision and Strategy

Board of Advisors: Steering Business Innovation and Success

Uma Anupkumar


Trung Huynh PHD

Machine Learning Advisor

Jeelani Khursheed

Advisor for UAE

Amith Kumar

Mentor & Advisor

Deliver measurable success for every client

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a commitment to achieving strategic objectives.

“aNumak & Company excelled in enhancing our eCommerce platform, offering insightful customer analytics and advanced machine learning solutions. Highly recommended.”


Debora Roca

“With aNumak Consulting, our airline streamlined processes, reducing food wastage errors efficiently. Grateful for their consulting expertise.”


Marie Hibbler

“With aNumak & Company and Actable.ai, we optimized rental pricing, enhancing revenue and market efficiency. An invaluable partnership.”


Analytics Lead

“aNumak & Company was instrumental in Cab-E’s digital transformation, streamlining our urban commuting services.”


Digital Strategy Head

Reaching Out is Simple!

Need assistance or have questions?

Our Contact Page is your gateway to all the information you need. Just head over to our website and find various ways to connect with us.

We’re always ready to help you!

What support and aftercare do aNuamk & Company’s international clients receive?2024-01-22T20:19:14+05:30

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of solutions. International clients can expect comprehensive support and aftercare from Anumak & Company. This includes 24/7 customer service, ongoing maintenance, regular updates, and consultations to ensure continued alignment with their evolving business needs. Our global support network is designed to provide prompt and efficient assistance to our clients wherever they are.

Can aNuamk & Company Provide Tailored Solutions for Enterprises in Different Geographical Locations?2024-01-22T20:19:38+05:30

Yes, we specialize in creating tailored solutions for enterprises across different locations. Our approach involves deeply understanding regional market dynamics, cultural nuances, and specific business needs. This enables us to design and implement strategies that are not only effective but also culturally and contextually relevant to each of our clients’ locales

What global markets and expertise does aNuamk & Company offer?2024-01-22T20:20:06+05:30

aNuamk & Company proudly serves diverse global markets, focusing on the USA, UAE, LTAM, Europe & and the UK. Our areas of expertise include CPG, Banking, and Healthcare, where we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of enterprise-level clients. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience enable us to navigate the complexities of various markets effectively.

How does Anuamk & Company ensure compliance with international regulations and standards?2024-01-22T20:20:29+05:30

We prioritize adherence to international regulations and standards. Our team regularly updates our practices to align with global legal requirements and industry standards, ensuring seamless and compliant operations for our clients.

Consulting Excellence

Core Level Values And Amazing Team

At aNumak & Company, our foundation is built on a set of core values that guide every aspect of our work. These values define our culture, shape our decisions, and reflect our commitment to excellence. Coupled with an amazing team, these values drive our success and shape the unique experience of working with aNumak & Company

  • Upholding honesty and transparency in every interaction to build trust and credibility

  • Staying ahead with a continuous quest for innovation, ensuring our clients are at the forefront of industry advancements

  • Achieving brilliance through unity, fostering collaboration that sparks innovative solutions and delivers unparalleled results

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