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Using Telecom Analytics Solutions, Unleash The Power Of AI/ML To Enhance Value Creation And Performance.

We transform customer experiences, scale operations, and power your growth opportunities with AI-driven telecom analytics.

aNumak & Company

AI-Powered Telecom Transformation: Elevating Customer Experiences and Driving Growth.

Tailoring Telecom Business Models to Market Position.

We acknowledge that telecommunications businesses are on distinct paths and must change their business models following their respective market positions.

Pioneering AI in Telecom: Catalysts of Transformation Across Industries

Not only are telecom companies at the forefront of AI adoption, but they also assist in the transformation of other industries.


In the extremely competitive world of telecommunications, we assist clients in enhancing their operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. AI/ML is employed in a variety of applications, including supply chain optimization, predictive forecasting models, digital customization, and improved retail planning.


The growth of our media customers is dependent on the implementation of next-generation monetization strategies across all franchises. Expertise in data engineering, BI, and visualization tools will assist clients in obtaining a comprehensive view of user activities.


Enterprise clients desire data control and business model transformation in the fast-evolving technology market. Whether transitioning to subscription-based models or developing insight platforms to boost sales, they want telecom analytics solutions that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

Help Telecom Companies to Plan for the Future.

Our services assist telecom companies in navigating technology upheavals by combining AI-driven data analytics with innovation to produce growth and credibility. Adopt creative technology to control digital demand and delay issues.

Our services boost connectivity and uncover prescriptive content recommendations to upgrade channel-wide content mix. AI-driven telecom data analytics increase customer experience, personalisation, supply chain optimization, and machine learning.

Evaluate your network

using our knowledge of the final mile and process transparency.

Establish a full-stack Enterprise

using the combined skills of our data scientists and engineers.

Reduce time-to-insights

by addressing older systems for AI/ML-powered data analysis.

Together, let’s shape a healthier future

Revolutionize telecom solutions. Empower connectivity.