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We assist financial institutions in modernizing their services through the use of digital innovations.

aNumak & Company

Banks must evolve into bionic Organisations.

Expanding Financial Service Offerings.

Banks and other financial services providers are under increasing pressure to expand their current offerings and better meet the needs of their client across all sectors.

Partnering with aNumak & Company for Financial Success

Financial institutions can rely on the expertise of aNumak & Company to evaluate new opportunities and implement the game-changing changes that will allow them to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Regulatory enforcement.

Banks are standardizing and digitizing regulatory reporting processes to improve governance and compliance in response to MAR, MiFID, and Dodd-Frank.

Rising Expectations

Customers expect banking institutions to give better experiences. Despite margin pressure, banks must fulfill new expectations.

Data Reliability is low.

Dispersed silos make it impossible to verify banking data. Businesses can’t supply personalized services and commodities without a common consumer understanding. Each data handoff increases costs, errors, and waste.

Guiding Financial Institutions.

aNumak & Company’s experience in the banking sector has allowed us to build sophisticated financial sector models, benchmarks, and proprietary databases to tackle problems encountered by all financial institutions.

Incorporating these and other methods, we’ve improved the accuracy of our forecasts for the industry.

Optimized Methods for Handling Risks

To detect, foresee, and prevent any problems in corporate operations, you need modernized Risk Management. Financial data must be consolidated to provide proper data governance and regulatory conformity. Proactively, we use real-time analytics and stakeholder alignment to mitigate risks.

Combating Fraud

Predictive analytics for fraud detection and prevention work hand in hand with other technologies like business rules and AI to help you prevent and detect fraud or errors without disruptions. We use state-of-the-art methods for spotting credit cards, insurance, and other forms of fraud.

Info-driven ESG

Info-driven ESG provides objective and transparent insights for investing in the most significant environmental, social, and governance initiatives, such as green bonds and green energy. We identify ESG risks and opportunities by integrating ESG info, unique research, and robust data analytics technologies into your end-to-end workflow.

Together, let’s shape a healthier future.

Transform your banking landscape. Embrace innovation.