açık monitörRetail is the name given to selling a product or service separately. The opposite of retail is the word “Wholesale.” Wholesale means selling in bulk. On the other hand, retail means that the manufacturer or trader delivers the product one by one.

Retail is an intermediary activity that proceeds based on individual sales between producers and consumers. The producer and the end consumer must meet. The business model that provides this meeting and aims to sell separate parts is retail. This person may be the product manufacturer or obtain related products from a distributor or wholesaler. The items they sell will be priced higher than they would get from a wholesaler due to price increases.

At this point, if we need to list the issues to be considered;

  • Be friendly and courteous to your customer.
  • Play to the emotions of the end consumer! Nostalgia and aspirations for wealth always work.
  • The more you can personalize your product or service offering in retail, the more you can increase your sales.
  • Please get to know your customer before they come to your store and design your store in a style that appeals to them.
  • Let your customer experience your product or service. In other words; If your product or service is “tested,” you’ll enjoy an increase in your retail sales.
  • Apply the “scarcity method.” The less a product or service is left and seems to be running out of hands, the more valuable it becomes and increases your sales.
  • Use CRM software and marketing automation solutions, and thus increase your sales by making brilliant campaigns for your customers at the right time and place.
  • In your store, the more expensive product next to the effect that you want to sell the most and will be profitable, so that your customer will convince himself that he is buying a price/performance product.
  • Whatever your price is, have a concretely supportive and convincing argument behind it. For example, if your product is expensive, make your consumer feel costly and luxurious; If it’s cheap, convince them that it’s a practical and hassle–free service.

The common point of the above tactics is to listen to the customer. It is necessary to use technologies instead of talking to the customer–on–one or asking them questions in this context. There is much different software in our lives, such as CRM software, marketing automation, loyalty management, in–store location determination, cash register pos integrations, in–store communication technologies, cash register–sales communication system. If we are in the retail industry and do not use this type of marketing and customer relationship management software, we are doomed to lose. Sales, customers, marketing, shopping trend, visits, customer traffic, entry exit, shopping cart size, and shopping frequency data show us the mathematical formula of the business. We should implement personal messages and intelligent campaigns to know our customers better—all of these need to be transformed into sales–enhancing techniques.

alışveriş merkezinde merdivenlerde duran ve yürüyen insanlarSales Boosting Suggestions

  • Organize sales–boosting campaigns. Measure and continually improve campaign results.
  • Do not deny the effect of fragrance in your store. Instead, make your store a better place with sales–enhancing aromas according to your product group.
  • Use music as a marketing tool in your retail store. Discover when your sales increase the most by experimenting with different music genres and volumes.
  • Discover the power of the loyalty program. According to a study conducted in the USA, loyalty programs and loyalty cards enriched with technology increase in–store sales by up to 45%.

Increasing the number of customers is one way to increase sales. In the retail industry, you can improve your sales by changing two key metrics;

Increasing the number of customers;

  • More sales mean more turnover.

Increasing the amount in the customer’s shopping cart;

  • If you increase the number or amount of products that the customer buys at once, your sales will also increase.

In total, we have six methods to increase the number of customers;

  • Engage in e–commerce retailing, not just in–store retail.
  • Build brand loyalty. Make sure your customers are loyal to your brand.
  • Create brand ambassadors. Let people recommend you to others as a brand ambassador.
  • Combine and analyze your customer data for your e–commerce page. To discover your customer and let him find out about you.
  • Organize location and time–based mobile campaigns. Send instant campaigns to your potential customers in the mall or on the street, thanks to digital technologies; use customer traffic to increase the number of customers.
  • For product sales; restaurant, coffee, patisserie, library, etc. Take advantage of services such as Combine product sales with service delivery in your business model and gaining new customers.

New Customer Acquisition and Retention Methods

We need to resort to innovative methods to increase the number of customers. We should not think in fixed lines and closed boxes. It would be best if you also differentiate yourself from your competitors.

beyaz küp dekorasyonunun yanında yürüyen adamHow to Create Customer Traffic to Increase Sales?

Technology is essential to increase sales. Today; You need to bring together many technologies such as CRM, loyalty programs, marketing automation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital campaign software, in–store entry–exit counting system. Thanks to technology, you can increase the number of our customers and create customer traffic.

Ways to Increase Sales

The biggest aim of many sectors, such as retail the wholesaler is to increase their sales. In this context, the ways to increase sales are as follows;

  • Use marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Build your brand and support it with marketing tools.
  • Use CRM to analyze customer and sales data and produce sales–boosting projects.
  • Make sales–boosting campaigns instantly and personalized. For this, feed your business with digital technologies.
  • Focus on the value you create for the customer to increase sales. If your value in the eyes of the customer increases, your sales will also increase.
  • The way to increase sales is to differentiate from your competitors. Either offer a different product or a similar product with a diverse customer experience.
  • Educate your sales staff about your company and brand promise. If you convey your company’s values ​​to the customer, you can increase your sales dramatically.
  • Do not allow your customer–touching store or field personnel to change frequently. Do not forget that; Customers make purchasing decisions with the effect of the total customer experience rather than the price.

If you do the same work in the same way and with the same people, you will get the same results. However, if you want a different result, such as increased sales, innovate and differentiate.

Sales Boost Campaigns

Sales promotion campaigns are the marketing department’s job, not the sales department. Professionals working in the marketing department must think through, design, and plan to implement sales promotion campaigns.

Sales boost campaigns are the most tactical method of increasing sales. Sales promotion campaigns can be provided with the marketing department. Marketing–oriented companies, general managers, CEO, etc. Like many others, they are responsible for marketing.

CRM Software

  • It can be used to monitor people’s shopping habits,
  • It can scan the sales performance of different sales personnel, assign tasks, and follow up the job,
  • Keeping customer and shopping records, enriching them with various notes and contact information.

Marketing Automation

We can also express the concept of marketing automation as innovative marketing campaigns software. With this solution, you can increase your sales by making brilliant campaigns at the right time and to your customers who are members of your customer base or loyalty program. Moreover, you can smartly customize your client. In addition, you can segment your customers, profile their customer habits, and send the campaigns that are suitable for the customer habits you profile to your end consumer, such as e–bulletin, SMS, mail, thanks to the workflow modules.

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