Google Produces New Sounds with Artificial Intelligence!

Seo, Google, Arama, Motor, Optimizasyon, Rütbe, IçerikAs time progresses, the question of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do continues to be a matter of curiosity for everyone a little bit interested in technology. We also saw robots that made music with the command they gave or songs composed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, Google has tried something different and invented thousands of new sounds that benefit art and artists.

The Magenta, one of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects of Google, aims to create a new sound. He developed Nsynth Technology to develop new learning tools by developing Machine Learning (ML) techniques and algorithms. Nsynth is an abbreviation of Neural Synthesizer. It uses a deep neural network to learn the properties of sounds. Then, based on the features it gathers here, it produces an entirely new sound.

This technology is a Machine Learning Algorithm. Nsynth Technology aims to create a new sound by taking advantage of the properties of sounds. While doing this, instead of combining the sounds, he uses the acoustic properties of the original sounds and creates the new sound in this way. Thus, it offers musical power to artists and composers.

A synthesizer is a musical instrument used to create different types of music and generate electrical signals. The signals produced are converted into sound through an instrument amp, headphones, or speakers and become audible. Synthesizers do not have built–in controls.

Google Nsynth is reportedly capable of generating more than 100,000 new voices. Four different sounds have been transferred to each dial. To switch from these sources, you have to swipe your finger on the screen on the device. Nsynth has opened the first example that can be used with its free feature, where everyone can make their version.

Teyp, Kaset, Müzik, Retro, Klasik, NostaljikNsynth Super is a piece of hardware that brings Nsynth technology to life. As research scientist Douglas Eck on the Google Brain team says, Nsynth doesn’t produce notes but rather the actual sound of an instrument. The Nsynth algorithm learns the critical attributes of what makes up an individual sound and can then combine the sounds to create something entirely new.

This study, which aims to produce new sounds, is considered a research project. For this reason, the project is exhibited on a platform where people can install their versions to test the produced software and see what they are doing. Nsynth Super has been developed with Google Creative Lab, and working with this device can be experienced. The device was also shared with some musicians to experience it. Named Nsynth Super uses four different source sounds to produce entirely new sounds, giving musicians the ability to make music with these new sounds.

Magenta is working with artists, coders, and researchers to explore how Machine Learning (ML) tools can empower creators and improve the interaction between artistic creativity and Machine Learning (ML). In this way, Nsynth Super, which brings creativity to the production processes of artists and offers unexpected sounds, provides an environment for discovering utterly new music genres.

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