The New Universe of the Future: METAVERSE

The metaverse concept has become a part of our lives, out of science fiction novels familiar with reflections from the future in today’s world. It has become a part of us, with its boundless creative world beyond predicted and dystopian dark sides.

Metaverse, which was first included in the cyberpunk & sci-fi style novel Snow Crash in 1992 and described as a kind of virtual reality universe, was formed as a result of combining all virtual worlds and content on the internet using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and blockchain technologies. As a result, it has become a new reality universe where virtual and natural can be experienced simultaneously. There are no sharp distinctions like virtual & real in Metaverse; users can access all content and experiences in Metaverse at any time and from anywhere, either in Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) mode. In this way, users can exist in both environments simultaneously with the help of their digital avatars, witnessing their actions on both sides affect the other in real-time.

As a result of the application hosting these magnificent innovations, Meta (formerly Facebook) and technology giants such as Microsoft, Epic Games, Roblox, and Nvidia have started to work on the construction of Metaverse for a long time. Because between today’s internet experience and the future Metaverse; There is a difference in users’ mutual sharing of existing internet information and data. Metaverse will be a place beyond mere information, where fully inclusive 3D content and experience are shared. For this reason, the giants of this market are in a race to be a pioneer in this field.

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With Metaverse, which allows these industry giants to compete, you can do business, play games, or go to the movie theater in the fictional universe, which is different from the current virtual reality used chiefly for computer games. Moreover, you can do this with equipment consisting of only a headset and glasses, where all digital media are connected, instead of just being at the computer.

In this respect, Metaverse is a top model of the internet. When Metaverse technology is implemented, it will create an online space or platform that users can use to communicate with each other in three dimensions.

Facebook does not own Metaverse as others think. No other person or technology company on Facebook owns Metaverse. The Internet does not belong to any company or person, nor does Metaverse belong to anyone; It is a platform. However, Metaverse belongs to no one but is a favorite of companies already competing for control of the digital world of the future. Realizing the possibilities offered by the future digital world, technology companies are making significant investments, seeking a share and dominance of the metaverse market.

Among the reasons why Metaverse is making a big noise, there are also reasons other than Facebook changing its name to Meta. The first of these, of course, is Covid–19. Because Covid–19 has caused our jobs, schools, and other services not to rely on the digital world to keep working. Almost everything has become available online.

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The number of depression and anxiety cases that affected people during Covid–19 began to increase rapidly. In this case, it led to increased human decrease and a sense of isolation. At this point, the creation of the Metaverse strengthened the idea that it could provide solutions to such problems on an unimaginably extraordinary level.

In this respect, it is evident that this technology will cause social life and marketing movements and develop more and more integrated into our lives day by day. Therefore, many sectors for the near future will carry out their activities such as marketing, promotion, and sales over Metaverse platforms, and entertainment and social life areas will evolve into various media on this universe.

Now it’s time to wait with curiosity what kind of innovations and conveniences this technology, which comes from science fiction books and surprises us in many areas of our lives, will offer. Many companies that want to be a pioneer in this field are now entering a period where they can enjoy the real taste of competition.

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