Sustainability in Packaging: Investable Themes

With the increase in population, many materials that people use for their basic needs consist of products that harm the environment. This situation poses a significant threat to the future world. Therefore, the correct and sufficient use of the obtained products and the proper awareness of society gain a vital momentum. From this point of view, directing consumers to sustainable consumption behavior about the designs and packaging to be included in the packaging plays an essential role in the upcoming period. In this respect, the concept of sustainability and themes that may be ready for use in packaging should be carefully examined and designed accordingly.


The introduction of sustainability into our lives is an indispensable criterion in our fight against environmental problems and advancing life in a balanced way with nature. This concept is used in many fields such as economy, industry, agriculture, etc. it has started a war to protect the environment by including packaged products. The rapid population growth in the world, changes in living standards, the rate of increase in consumption habits, the increase in resources in the shopping sector, while causing a consumption frenzy at the same rate, also enabled rapid developments in packaged products. As a result of this development, the conditions of competition among the companies in the sector have started to vary, and companies have begun to restructure their activities based on sustainability. For this reason, the role of companies in this area is of great importance, and the momentum in sustainability and design in the packaging industry is on the way to turning into a broad spectrum.

Sustainable Packaging Designs

Today, while packaging represents a more comprehensive field than its functions, such as storage and information, the features such as the colors, shapes, and obtained form in these packages significantly affect the purchasing processes of the consumers.

In the twenty-first century, almost all packaged products have a recyclable quality. In this case, companies have considered the concept of sustainability in the design of new developments in recent years. Sustainability shows that consumers more prefer environmentally friendly packaging and the basic features used in this direction. In terms of increasing savings and reducing waste, the primary purpose of using packaged products is to renew itself constantly. Therefore, the primary purpose of using packaged products to save and reduce waste is continually renewing itself. They apply this not only in terms of materials but also in terms of theme.

The themes used in packaged products should be massively designed to shape such a phenomenon within the consumers. The colors used should serve this truth, including the shapes and structural form of the packaging. At this point, themes that can be used in packaged products should exhibit a protective attitude against nature, create a reliable perception in people, and most importantly, they should be designed to emphasize recycling. Considering that the packaging, an integral part of the supply chain, exhibits a sustainable work against adverse environmental conditions, its theme should reflect the contents because appearance reflects the content. Therefore, it is the first impression that will be created with the consumers. In this way, the positive effect on first impressions will cause the packaging industry to increase sustainability. The themes that lead to this should be built on forms that do not tire the eyes, are easy to understand, have colors that evoke nature such as green and brown, and more importantly, have effective structures that lead to recycling with such expressions.

With the reflection of the changes in needs and demands, the packaging industry is constantly changing, transforming, and developing. Therefore, it is essential to continually raise consumers’ awareness and ensure sustainability by both the company and the consumer. Sustainable packaging production principles such as minimizing waste and appropriate packaging designs should be adopted in this direction. Based on these principles, unnecessary use should be avoided, and easily understood labels and symbols should be used on the packaging. Of course, while the production of recyclable materials is given great importance, companies and consumers also need to develop and change themselves at this point.

Therefore, today’s efficient use of sustainable resources must form a whole with the right product, the right time, and a suitable theme.

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