It is possible with CX (Customer Experience) to evaluate customer data wisely, master new generation marketing tools, and manage all sales channels you use from a single center. After being acquired by SAP in 2013, CX’s experience in this field contributes to your company’s sales capabilities in the digital world.

beyaz yazıcı kağıdı tutan gri gömlekli kişiWe can say that Customer Experience is SAP’s new CRM approach, which includes C/4 HANA. First, a little mention should be made of the release of C/4 HANA. As known in the classical approach, CRM offered sales, service, marketing, and reporting facilities, and companies were managing information such as consumers’ privacy settings and contact data themselves. Now, in today’s approach, consumers; Their data, communication preferences, personal data; He wants to determine which way and when to contact him. Because they feel closer to companies that offer this transparency. As a result of these expectations, SAP showed a new approach.

C/4 HANA is a cloud–based solution. It offers customers who want on–premise a solution called S/4 CRM, which comes embedded in S/4 HANA. As it is known, Shipping Management called SAP TM, and Extended Warehouse Management solutions called SAP EWM were also embedded in S/4 HANA. Now it’s time for CRM. SAP called it S/4 CRM. Version 1.0 of S/4 CRM is out now. In September 2018, we will have a more comprehensive CRM feature with version 1809. In this way, we will be managing CRM and ERP under one system instead of two different methods. Thus, the integration burden will be lightened, and we will address both customer experience and operational needs from a single platform.

The SAP CX, C/4 HANA family, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud products are available. As it is known, Commerce Cloud is the cloud version of the Hybris Commerce product. Hybris Commerce is still being used. There were cloud and on–premise versions of Hybris Commerce; Currently, SAP named the cloud version of Commerce Cloud and included this product in the C/4 HANA family. They are comparing C/4 HANA to the Hybris product family, Hybris Sales Cloud Service Cloud, cloud–based solutions. Its products, which have both cloud and on–premise versions, were Hybris Marketing and Hybris Commerce. SAP has included cloud versions of C/4 HANA. For now, in the statement made, SAP Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud products have been announced. This shows us that the current product family will work on the cloud. But in the future, on–premise versions of these products may come out, which may change.

SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach that includes SAP C/4HANA. SAP Customer Experience uses cloud–based solutions to meet customer expectations. Scalable Cloud solutions ensure data is available anytime, anywhere.

The ultimate goal is to increase turnover and profitability.

The three main rules are not much different from traditional trade.

Understanding Potential Customers Better, Acquiring New Customers Faster

Getting to know potential customers and target audience, segmenting them in the most meaningful way, organizing segment–specific campaigns.

Retaining Existing Customers

Customer satisfaction, loyalty programs, special offers.

Get the Most Profit Per Customer

Increasing online shopping, directing it to profitable products.

All the tools necessary to fulfill these rules are now at your fingertips with CX.

Omni – Channel Marketing Tools

It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, kiosk, tablet, or smartphone: The customer wants to have the same experience no matter which channel they do their shopping. They do not want to wait; They want to complete their transactions efficiently with a few clicks; They expect trust in payment and one–to–one contact in after–sales services. It is up to you to respond to all these needs simultaneously and satisfy the customer in all desktop and portable online channels.

The Embodiment of Your Online Store

CX doesn’t just help you manage existing online sales channels. It also allows you to create new sales channels specific to you. Your customers can get detailed information about the products, compare them, and buy them instantly via touch screens.

Get an Integrated Digital Customer Experience with the SAP CX Family

beyaz kağıda yazan kişiDesigning and delivering an integrated multi–channel digital customer experience and managing all areas in parallel, from marketing to service, can be challenging for companies. At this point, SAP aims to make this challenging task more accessible with the Customer Experience solution family it has established by making many investments.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a feature–rich comprehensive commerce platform that includes all the necessary components for a personalized commerce experience and end–to–end commerce processes. It enables you to design the platform specifically for your strategies for your B2C, B2B2C, or B2B customers. Creating an omnichannel B2B experience that rivals the best consumer sites makes it easier for companies to manage their challenging operational processes. This flexible platform can enable you to collect a broad ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and partners with multiple business models. Furthermore, providing customers with consistent information in every channel allows you to easily manage your orders from online stores or physical branches with its easily integrated structure.

SAP Sales Cloud is a new generation CRM system created for sales professionals with an intuitive user interface. It enables companies to deliver customer and sales–oriented information in their ERP systems to the mobile devices of sales teams to use them in their operations. In this way, sales teams can easily understand which customers to contact with the information they need and take action accordingly in the field or their offices. In addition, it enables sales representatives and customers to provide personalized sales experiences, would allow companies to convert their opportunities into sales faster, and manage all sales–based transactions from a single platform.

SAP Marketing Cloud enables marketing managers to understand their customers better and take actions by analyzing their customers’ past interactions and behaviors through many channels. By organizing campaigns for target groups segmented by business processes. In addition, it allows companies to develop marketing strategies by gaining real–time insights into customer needs, budgets, spending, and product availability. While marketing departments carry out all their marketing activities with the solution integrated with many different platforms, they can easily monitor and analyze their outputs.

SAP Service Cloud enables companies to provide their customers with a consistent service experience across all channels (email, web, chat, and phone). With this solution, which provides an integrated service system by seamlessly integrating the back office and front office processes, service managers and field service technicians can access all the data they may need in their operations from their mobile devices. In this way, customer services and service teams can appropriately meet all incoming requests and ensure that problems are easily detected and resolved. Furthermore, with the solutions’ functions, it is possible to complete all after–sales activities with customer satisfaction in a fast and trouble–free manner by the relevant teams and provide customers with an uninterrupted service experience.

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya enables businesses and their customers to create a more secure and privacy–friendly digital ecosystem. Thus, companies can grow their audiences while simultaneously increasing their conversions and engagement and building long-term brand loyalty. Companies can securely identify customer data in all channels and manage the permissions, approvals, and KVKK requirements that customers will grant throughout their entire lifecycle from a central and reliable environment. In addition, they can create customer profiles to quickly analyze the customer data kept in the solution and use them in their operations.

The cloud–based SAP Customer Experience product family, which offers a solution for all processes that keep the customer at the center, can integrate SAP and non–SAP solutions. In particular, with the process and data integrations that the solution family makes, potential customers are directed towards a positive journey with the companies.

With SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX), you can communicate with your customers through different contact points and understand their expectations; You can meet your needs.

Discover SAP CX to establish a versatile communication channel by combining marketing, sales, e–commerce, and customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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