Restructuring in the Cosmetics Industry After the Pandemic

Sectoral Activities After Covid – 19

Covid – 19, which affects the whole world, is reshaping our daily life, habits, in short, our lifestyle. Therefore, it causes a new structuring in customer-brand relations. In this process, it becomes essential for the companies in the sector to go through a restructuring in this direction.

At this point, although many sectors have been negatively affected by this epidemic, the cosmetics sector seems to have managed to stay out of it. Although our habits have changed, the cosmetics industry continues to grow every year. Although the affected stores had to close their shutters in the first months of the epidemic, the use of e-commerce started to rise at the same pace, and the sales of disinfectant, soap, and hygiene products reached record numbers and managed to keep this sector afloat.

This sector, which works interactively with its customers, manages to overcome another problem due to the epidemic. Because the cosmetic habits of consumers, who have to reconsider their priorities under restrictions and quarantine conditions, are undergoing a radical change.

So, how have consumers’ cosmetic habits transformed with the pandemic? Which products have risen to the leading position in the sector?

At this point, the increase in the use of social media and the interest in influencers in digital marketing has been one of the most critical developments that ensured the growth of the cosmetics industry. At this point, the product they published from their accounts changed the rankings of which of the products in the sector would be the leader. Because new generations now direct today’s sector companies. According to the number of followers in their accounts, they severely impact the products used. By creating their brands in this direction, they bring a different perspective to this sector. In this case, it makes the cosmetics sector number one in the list of the fastest rising among other sectors. In addition, the cosmetics industry, which has taken a leading place in the e-commerce sector in today’s world where digital transformation is experienced, continues to take steps to increase its sales without slowing down despite the epidemic.

In this direction, the issues that have become priorities;

  1. Possibility of online access,
  2. Using recycled products,
  3. Not tested on animals,
  4. Being hygienic,

These issues, which have now become a priority for consumers, are among the essential points to be considered in the sector.

Makeup Is No Longer A Must; It’s A Matter Of Choice

During the epidemic, the affected area in the cosmetics sector began to be seen mainly on the make–up products preferred by women. Since the day masks entered our daily lives, make–up has become a matter of preference rather than a necessity. In today’s beauty criteria, where the eye makes–up has increased intensively, and products for this purpose are used, the rate of use of lipstick has decreased. Because we have entered a period in which the eyes that are exposed instead of the lips under the mask are more prominent.

In addition, an increase has been observed in products that will provide a natural appearance for skincare. In addition, there is an increasing graphic in hygiene products. Soap, disinfectant, hair care products, make–up removers, face masks, etc., continued to take place on a rising graph at this point. The most compelling segment that tried these products took its place as the middle segment.

At this point, let’s take a look at the market analysis of the cosmetics industry;

At this point, it is evident that the products in this sector are more in demand by consumers compared to other industries. Because nowadays, people who have a good appearance are matched one–on–one with these products. Not wearing make–up anymore makes you feel like you have a sloppy look. People think this way psychologically. This is not a correct thought, of course, because everyone’s beauty is unique to him.

What makes you attractive is the sincerity in your eyes and the sparkle in your smile. Make–up is just a factor that helps you bring your beauty to the fore. As long as you do not forget this, be you, and all the attention in the environment will be gathered in you!


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