açık dizüstü bilgisayarPython is a general–purpose programming language that mainly supports object–oriented programming and, to a certain extent, functional programming. Python, the first version developed in 1991, has become very popular and has reached a widespread user base today due to its relative ease, expansive standard library, and dynamic structure.

Python programming language, which is frequently preferred, especially in scientific and computational engineering subjects, has gained a wide usage area in parallel with the hardware and software developments experienced since the 2000s. Interpreted languages ​​such as Python take up a lot of memory because they use high–level data structures. Still, nowadays, it is easy to reach high memory levels, so this is no longer a significant negative. In terms of software, the prevalence of open source code and free software flow that came with the Internet has brought along the collaborative work of developers over the Internet and through the developed tools. This is also one of the important reasons for the increase in the use of Python.

Based on free and open–source code logic, Python’s standard library, development tools, and many other libraries can be downloaded for free as open–source code without the need for a license. On the other hand, its simplicity and interpretation of language have some advantages. First, it is relatively easy to learn and explore new language libraries because the interpreter can be worked on interactively.

The second advantage is that it allows quick experimentation when writing a new program. Finally, it will enable us to see the calculations step by step and efficiently follow the formation of the problem at hand.

This is because it is the fastest growing and most popular programming language. In addition, Python is known for its versatility and can be used in various Projects and Industries, Including Data Science, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Python is an interpreted, general–purpose programming language that is one of the most popular choices for modern software development. First, it is modular; It can be easily integrated with other technologies and solutions. It is also open source. The program is translated into machine code just before it is started. This is portable and is easier to use on different operating systems. So it makes it easy to write universal programs.

Guido van Rossum developed Python. It is the fourth most used language, according to Stack Overflow’s 2020 survey. It is used by 44.1% of developers. Many terms may seem somewhat intimidating to a non-technical person at first glance. But most of the popular phrases you’ll hear referring to Python are about frameworks, libraries, objects, and classes.

Python Frameworks

A framework is a wireframe that underpins software development. Developers use them to create a specific platform and programs.

Python Libraries

bilgisayar ekranında siyah çerçeveli gözlüklerLike frameworks, libraries are a handy resource for software developers. It saves developers tons of time as they can be embedded directly into the code. In addition, they provide ready–to–use modules and functions. One of the reasons behind Python’s growing popularity is the wealth of libraries to choose from.

Python Objects and Classes

The other two terms you should know are objects and classes that work together in Python. While understanding how they work and seeing their interdependence will require going into technical matters;

Objects in Python are pretty similar to what we surround ourselves with in real life. That is, they have specific characteristics and behaviors. However, in Python, various objects created from classes can interact to drive results.

Python Interpreter

Finally, we mentioned earlier that Python is an interpreted language. This is done thanks to Python’s interpreter, a program that parses, processes, and executes code.

What Kinds of Products Can Be Created with Python?

It is easy to use as it provides access to many libraries. It is also versatile. This means that it can be applied to several different projects. E. g.;

  • Web and Software Development,
  • Machine Learning (ML) and AI,
  • Audio/Video Applications,
  • Game Development,

Python is simple and easy to learn; often recommended as a good “starter” language for beginner programmers. The Syntax is understandable, and proficiency can be achieved more quickly than other backend languages. Moreover, given the growing Python community, it is likely to hire proficient developers in the language. More can be done with less code, using ready–to–use solutions. Python can also run on major operating systems and embedded systems like Gumstix.

Disadvantages of Python

  • Not very suitable for Low–Level systems (Machine Language).
  • When switching from another programming language to Python, it takes some time to work out the Syntax.
  • Java is slower than languages ​​like C and C++ because it doesn’t have a Just In Time (JiT) optimizing tool.

programlama dilini görüntüleyen monitör açıkAdvantages of Python

  • It is easy to learn and use.
  • Job opportunities are vast.
  • It has a lot of documentation.
  • It is entirely free and open source.
  • Python allows you to do a lot with little code.
  • We can use Syntax quite comfortably and flexibly.
  • It has different and useful IDEs (software development environment).
  • It has a lot of libraries, and they will be handy for most of the work you do.
  • It can work with many operating systems such as Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, Symbian.
  • Python has a simple syntax. In this way, writing programs becomes more accessible and more enjoyable, and programs written by others can be understood more easily.
  • Python is an interpretive language, meaning it can be run without compilation, unlike languages such as C and C++. This makes it easier to develop programs with Python.
  • What makes a programming language powerful is that it can run on different platforms. Python can run on almost any platform. Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Symbian, and more.
  • In addition, many things you will need while writing a program in Python, data structures, functions are provided to you ready–made. In this way, you can write programs in a much more rapid manner with the infrastructure, without having to design down to the minor details to solve a problem, as in other languages.

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