NFT (Non–Fungible Token), a non–copyable, immutable token, means the unique token in the Blockchain network that cannot be split into small pieces. Each NFT (Non–Fungible Token) has its unique feature. NFT (Non–Fungible Token) passes can be made for games, pictures, music, sports, tweets, and many more.

Unique, NFTs are one–of–a–kind, thanks to their unique structure. Also, NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) cannot be exchanged. Instead, NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens); can be created on Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Eos, Neo.

Their scarce supply makes NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) attractive. This, in turn, can increase the price of tokens. It turns digital artworks and other collectibles into efficiently verifiable assets traded on the Blockchain.

Until the advent of NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens), digital art didn’t have the value of Monet or Picasso’s masterpiece. This is because the digital can be easily reproduced at the click of a button, making it almost impossible to distinguish the original.

Why invest in NFTs?

You may wonder why someone would invest in something you can easily copy to a mobile phone or laptop. Expensive NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) are used as profile pictures to show wealth on social media accounts.

Many people buy the world of NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) to be part of an online community. In addition, owning certain NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) can give you access to exclusive content and live events.

Digital investors use NFT (Non–Fungible Token) markets to quickly make large sums of money. Also, business models from many industries are being reshaped to include NFT (Non–Fungible Token) trading. A single NFT (Non–Fungible Token) can be bought and sold multiple times, but the buyer has to pay a royalty fee to the original owner or creator on each sale. The royalties are usually around 10 percent.

The future of this market looks bright.

What is the NFT (Non–Fungible Token) marketplace?

NFT (Non–Fungible Token) marketplaces are platforms that bring NFT (Non–Fungible Token) tokens and buyers together. NFT (Non–Fungible Token) trading can be done on these platforms, or new works can be browsed.

ERC–1155 followed Ethereum, which did this with the ERC–721 token standard. Finally, in late 2020, Binance Smart Chain issued BEP–721, and in 2021 the BEP–1155 token standard.

THANKS TO THE THRIVING CRYPTO ART INDUSTRY; The NFT (Non–Fungible Token) marketplace can be expected to grow in the future. According to DappRadar data, the current number of marketplaces listed is 12.

  1. NBA TopShot
  • DappRadar volume: $9.86 million.
  • NFT (Non–Fungible Token) can be taken by choosing the desired tool from the platform.
  • NBA TopShot allows NBA players to store their special moments via NFT (Non–Fungible Token).
  • The most expensive NFT (Non–Fungible Token) sold for $208k was “Cosmic,” reflecting a slam dunk moment by Lebron James.
  1. OpenSea
  • DappRadar volume: $4.11 million.
  • The platform was established in 2017; sells NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) of various artworks and collectibles.
  • There are thousands of products on the platform, ranging from low-priced artifacts to expensive NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens).
  • There are NFT (Non–Fungible Token) tokens for many fields such as art, domain names, virtual worlds, digital cards, collectibles, sports.
  1. CryptoPunks

  • Total sales: $118 billion.
  • DappRadar volume: $2.36 million.
  • Average sales amount: 17 thousand 517 dollars.
  • Total NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) sold in last 12 months: 6,721
  • There are 10 thousand unique NFTs (Non–Fungible Tokens) on the platform created with the ERC–721 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each character created is fantastic.
  1. Sorare
  • DappRadar volume: $951.25 million.
  • Users create their teams and earn points based on real–time team performance.
  • So rare is an NFT (Non–Fungible Token) gaming platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Players expand their collections by exchanging licensed digital cards of their chosen teams in–game.
  1. Rarible
  • DappRadar volume: $855.9 million.
  • It promises secure buying and selling transactions thanks to Blockchain.
  • There are more than 20 thousand creators and collectors on the platform.
  • It uses the ERC–721 token standard on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
  • It has a local token called RARI, and with this token, users can have a say on the platform.
  • Variable functions as the first community–owned NFT (Non–Fungible Token) marketplace.
  • Community–supported, auctioned, certified manufacturers, no coding required, multiple NFT (Non–Fungible Token) creations possible, and a reward system.

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