Invisibility Cloak Closer With “Digital Invisibility”

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Digital Invisibility studies have become a subject that many people wonder about due to the efforts of many applications to obtain personal data. The change in the private security and data services of Whatsapp had repercussions for many segments. This situation has also led to the reconsideration of other social media platforms and online applications. Many people who want to keep their data safe have faced the concept of digital invisibility in their research. Digital Invisibility, which has become the most exciting subject, includes many issues, primarily how people should protect their data and behave in online environments.

Shortly, digital technology will enter our private lives, and it will find itself everywhere. As a result, our essential data, work, and home will inevitably question our security.

It is the right of people not to share their information with others on the Internet and to keep it confidential. This privacy is everyone’s right and must be respected. People have to decide who they share this information with and the limit. There may be people who want to misuse our private information on the Internet.

Digital Invisibility is a term coined to counter such situations and ensure reliability. The importance of digital invisibility is increasing day by day with technology development. Because every day, a new feature is coming to the social media environment.

These features cause us to share all kinds of information, from taking photos and videos to our location in an environment. On top of that, the importance of this has been understood by everyone in recent days, and studies on digital invisibility have been started.

The Importance of “Digital Invisibility”

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With the introduction of the Internet into our lives, the digital environment has emerged. In this environment, which almost everyone uses, we share our personal information without realizing it, and we do not care about it. Our data belongs to us. We share this information with, and how much is entirely our own. However, people may want to use our data (our conversations with others, the applications we use, the sites we access from the Internet, our photos, videos, bank card passwords, all kinds of information about ourselves) for malicious purposes. To avoid this, Digital Invisibility is necessary for everyone. Especially nowadays, there is a massive increase in cybercrimes. These crimes, which are generally revealed by the theft of personal information, reveal how crucial digital invisibility is and the need to develop and use it as soon as possible.

The best–known danger on the Internet is viruses. The primary purpose of these viruses is to damage your electronic devices. This can take your data and spread it to other environments. One of the biggest dangers in the internet environment is hackers. These hackers enter our electronic devices without permission and access our data. This leads to the misuse of our information. Again, one of the biggest dangers we can encounter in the digital environment is malware. This software is similar to some virus programs and takes your personal information and delivers it to harmful organizations. The most important of these is to use the Internet safely and consciously.

In this respect, an issue that should be given importance to dominate the Digital Invisibility rights, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a kind of computer code. The peculiarity of this code is that it can infer from a data set of a particular type based on it. In other words, it can understand certain relationships, shapes, or features in the given dataset and summarize them mathematically. However, existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms of this type can usually make very limited inferences, and this restriction depends on how that algorithm is defined technically and mathematically. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can look at many photos and learn only where and to whom the human faces in the photo belong. At this point, many more inferences can be made by looking at an extensive data set consisting of photographs or camera images. Different assumptions can be made, such as determining the positions, types, movement directions of all objects in a picture or whether the people in the photograph are doing an activity together.

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