Scientists have announced that a Mars–sized spot observed on the Sun turned towards Earth. Experts have warned that the speck called AR2770 is getting bigger and could affect radio transmission, GPS, and electromagnetic systems on Earth in the next few days.


Scientists stated that a large dark spot observed on the Sun is turning towards Earth, and its size may increase in the next few days. The site, dubbed AR2770, has been stated to have a “primary dark core” as broad as Mars.


The sunspot is part of Solar Cycle 25, a new 11–year period of electromagnetic activity, and is currently having small bursts occurring on it. Although the AR2770 has not yet produced massive explosions, experts closely follow the event that could disable electromagnetic operations and facilities on Earth.

According to Space Weather reports, AR2770 sends tiny ionization waves into Earth’s atmosphere. However, the area of ​​the sport is growing, and it is likely to produce more intense solar flares in the coming days.

The sun with a corona mass ejectionA possible magnetic storm could wipe out all digital records of the last 15–20 years. You will think that you are being unfair to family albums, telephone directories with a special section for each letter, and the thick notebooks in which you collect your writings.

The seriousness of some issues is enough to make even the slightest possibility very uneasy, even if we can’t talk about it definitively. For example, there is evidence that frequent solar flares are experienced intensely and effectively over 150–year periods. Yet, we have no idea about the destruction that this cycle, completed in the years we live in, could cause because 150 years ago, the world was very different.

The solar storm to be experienced due to the explosions is formed by the ejection of boiling gas clouds weighing billions of tons from the Sun’s atmosphere. When magnetic energy is suddenly released, energetic particles are emitted into space. The giant solar flares, last seen in 1859, caused the complete collapse of the telegraph network used. Today, the most significant impact of solar flares is seen in energy and communication systems. The claim, first made in 2006, was voiced loudly at a conference held in England five years ago and confirmed by the world’s leading scientific institutions.


Solar flares may not be the only reason to bring down the world’s communication and electrical system. According to the claim of former British Defense Secretary Liam Fox, countries such as North Korea can use their nuclear power in a way that poses a threat. According to Liam Fox, a solar flare–like effect can occur due to a powerful nuclear explosion in the upper atmosphere. This electromagnetic pulse can disable the countries’ defense systems.

Explosions on the Sun cause waves of electrically charged gas to move towards Earth. With the so–called “solar tsunami,” light events are known as “auras” occur in the north polar region. According to the scientists’ latest observations, the solar tsunami and the relocation of the northern lights to the south could directly affect the Earth’s magnetic field.

Charged gas particles advancing towards our planet can disrupt magnetic fields and the magnetic field of northern lights interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, causing negative consequences.

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