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masadaki kameranın gri tonlamalı fotoğrafıWe are experiencing the coronavirus process; all sectors continue to be negatively affected. The entertainment sector is among those most affected by these sectors. The concept of social distance, which is among the coronavirus measures, prevents dancing and having fun as before. For this reason, many businesses are closed. When we look at the dynamics of the sector, many stakeholders, from business owners to artists, from designers to suppliers, are left with a loss of income due to concerts, organization cancellations, and venue closures.

While all this was going on, the digitalization of entertainment came to the fore with the quarantine processes. Social media live broadcasts and concerts met with digital and became a source of morale for us in difficult days. Moreover, global-based research on the industry’s future shows that home entertainment will increase over time.

The age we live in teaches us that we should make it a part of our lives to think flexibly and develop new approaches and design experiences suitable for current situations. Therefore, it is critical to analyze the entrepreneurial spirit and the current business model regarding customer and sector needs and design it with a new perspective.

sanal gerçeklik kulaklığı kullanan adamVirtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is a candidate to break new ground in the entertainment industry. Especially the new indispensable accessory of game lovers can be virtual reality glasses. You will be able to bend and run while playing the war game with the developed interfaces, and you will be able to hit the ball while playing the football game.

You will be in a kind of game. Apart from games, glasses are also suitable for watching movies and live matches.


Drones are very suitable for advertising purposes in the entertainment industry. For example, banners of brands can be displayed with drones at crowded events. Furthermore, promotional products can also be distributed via drones in the same way.

etkinlik izleyici okuma 11 36 Mo 21Wearable Technology

When you go to festivals or entertainment areas, you may have bought coins to spend inside or filled the card with money.

Now get ready to do this with a mobile phone and smart wristbands. With programs such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, you will quickly pay via mobile phone.

  • Augmented Reality

Now, when you see the movie, series, match, event posters, you can instantly access detailed information. For example, trailers, event times, ticket prices; will be easy to learn after scanning the poster with the application you will install on your mobile phone.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is today’s popular technology, as in many fields, started to be used in the film industry. From the digital revolution in cinema, Artificial Intelligence (AI)–based technologies in the film industry right after cinema have entered a new phase based on data science, which has not yet been framed is the transition.

It is seen that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are also used in the production phase of cinema. We are witnessing remarkable developments in digital video camera technologies in this sense. Especially with its features such as face recognition and detection, digital security cameras have gained a widespread reputation. At the same time, they have led to new concerns in societies on issues such as privacy and freedom for the future.

Smart TVs; It can be expressed as television that has access to the Internet through television and allows the use of specially developed applications. Smart TVs have operating systems just like our tablets or mobile phones. Smart TVs will enable us to use social media applications such as any device with internet access, search on the Internet, shop, and use many other services. Thanks to the interfaces developed to benefit from such services on Smart TVs; we can access the information we need with Smart TVs.

Today, there are three primary operating systems developed by companies producing Smart TVs. These are Android, WebOS, and recently the Tizen operating system, a solid competitor for Android.

The mentioned operating systems may differ according to the brands of smart televisions. But the primary purpose of all systems is the high degree of experience services they offer. The televisions, referred to as smart televisions, are used with an internet connection.

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