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Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks often associated with intelligent beings. Artificial intelligence makes our lives easier by allowing some functions that a human can do faster with more data. For this reason, while efforts are being made to rapidly improve sensors and cameras to generate data with autonomous vehicles thanks to artificial intelligence, enabling deep learning, computer vision, and parallel computing algorithms has started to be among the priority plans of leading companies. Furthermore, because artificial intelligence has become a fundamental component of automated driving technology, it has become essential to know how it works in autonomous and connected vehicles.

Accordingly, the automotive artificial intelligence market reported that the market presence is expected to approach 11 thousand million dollars, increasing approximately 38.5% by 2025. At this point, artificial intelligence-based systems seem to become standard in new vehicles, especially in these categories;

  1. Driver monitoring,
  2. Engine control units,
  3. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,
  4. Camera-based machine vision systems,
  5. Speech recognition and gesture recognition, etc.

In this direction, it is aimed that deep learning technology will be activated as soon as possible and put into use at the highest level to realize artificial intelligence applications.

What Kind of Operating System Will Artificial Intelligence Provide in Autonomous Systems

A self–driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle, driverless car, or robocar, is a vehicle that can sense its surroundings and move safely with little movement. It is a technology that can navigate by sensing the road, traffic situation, and environmental conditions without the need for human factors, thanks to its automatic control system equipment.

Autonomous vehicle technology, which was the subject of some universities of the period, is now equipped with radar, GPS, and computer vision systems and takes its place in traffic.

At this point, autonomous vehicles that combine this artificial intelligence and automobile technology, which many universities also examine, pave the way for new technology with some reflexes just like humans. These vehicles, which aim to get efficiency from driving, also carry the traces of a safe and trouble-free journey from the future. So much so those autonomous vehicles can move alone while allowing you to determine your position inside your car with different levels of driving options, at the same time, the limit of what you can do in an autonomous vehicle is yours alone.

In this respect, artificial intelligence enables autonomous vehicles to be equipped with cameras, sensors, and communication systems, allowing the car to generate large amounts of data and to see, think and make decisions just like humans. In particular, neural networks and deep learning are becoming an absolute necessity for autonomous vehicles to operate safely and adequately.

One of the aspects of vehicle technology used in autonomous vehicles is adaptive cruise control. This system can automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance from cars ahead. This function relies on information obtained using sensors in the vehicle and allows the car to perform tasks such as braking when it senses the approach of any vehicle in front. In this way, a safe driving opportunity is provided.

In addition, with an autonomous vehicle supported by artificial intelligence, you will get rid of driving fatigue, and you will have the opportunity to sleep during night journeys. Thanks to the software used, you will be less likely to make mistakes compared to people, you will experience a noticeable decrease in the number of accidents, and you will be able to minimize traffic congestion.

In this respect, if we look at the income distribution of autonomous systems that provide automatic driving;

As can be understood from here, drivers will gain access to a more efficient, easy, and fast driving pleasure thanks to artificial intelligence–supported autonomous systems. They will gain command of a safe and effective time zone. Thanks to the deep thinking technology that needs to be strengthened in this direction, it will go beyond the point reached, and a more efficient and cleaner journey will be brought together with people. Within this, more emphasis will be placed on this area. As a result, the pace of new technological opportunities that will break new ground in the automobile industry will be increased, and the chance to meet with the future will be provided faster.

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