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objektifin seçici odaklı fotoğrafçılığıCorporate Security Reaches Homes

Companies will also have to secure data on their home networks in 2022. The office workers’ lives have changed completely, and mixed working signals will be permanent. In addition, the growing number of professionals working outside the confines of traditional corporate networks has exponentially increased their attack surface.

As a result, companies now have to prioritize the security of corporate networks that extend to employees’ homes with a new approach.

Companies are rethinking their long–term strategies to secure a variety of distributed environments. This problem has been tried to be solved before, but it was not wholly successful. The difference today is that much more of the workforce is working remotely. This gives companies a valid reason to protect their home networks that touch corporate networks.

APIs Become Part of Attack Surfaces

Cyber ​​Attackers have turned to poorly protected APIs, and API attacks are expected to increase dramatically in 2022. These connectors, which connect applications and are often not sensitive enough, are tempting Cyber Attackers to access sensitive data.

App modernization projects, seen as the key to increasing efficiency and scalability, mainly rely on APIs. Unfortunately, these essential tools that connect the digital world can invite attacks and significant losses if the necessary precautions are not taken. APIs are notable for their vulnerability to common web application vulnerabilities such as distributed denial–of–service attacks and SQL injection.

Securing the growing number of inward and outward APIs can be a daunting task. The ever–increasing number of APIs isn’t the only thing that complicates this task. At the same time, uncertainties about how many APIs are used in an organization and who is responsible for managing API security make this attack surface risky. Companies should keep a close eye on the APIs they use and secure them by 2022.

Harms from Insider Breaches Increase

In 2021, the focus of security teams was to protect networks from the effects of ransomware and national cyberwars. Ransomware will continue to target companies in 2022, but organizations should not ignore insider attacks. Analysts predict that at least one giant organization will fall victim to an insider attack this year and suffer significant financial losses. Moreover, the cost of insider breaches is expected to exceed the damage caused by international cyber warfare in 2022.

While external attacks such as ransomware are frequently covered in the media, internal attacks do not arouse as many repercussions, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There are many reasons for this; Companies that are victims of insider attacks may not want to accept the situation due to shame and responsibility concerns. In 2021, many insider attacks threatened companies. Analysts expect similar attacks to increase in 2022 and the damage they will cause to grow.

SOP–V Platforms are on the Rise

beyaz ve siyah cam duvarlı binaIn 2022, we will often hear a new abbreviation called SOP–V. SOP–V solutions, which stands for Security Observability, Prioritization, and Validation, gather attack Surface Management, Vulnerability Management, Asset Management, Threat Intelligence, Security Testing, and Risk Ratings under one roof. SOP–V provides enhanced monitoring and response capabilities, enabling better tracking of what is happening in the network and better search of assets.

SOP–V, which combines multiple tools and transforms them into single products, allows Cyber Security systems to share data for analysis with its architecture and provides analytics to prioritize risk.

Six Critical Issues that will be on the Agenda in the field of Cyber Security in 2022

  1. Making Critical Infrastructure Systems a Priority Target

It should be no surprise that these areas have become the primary target of cybercriminals and digitally–skilled nations. Attacks will concentrate around Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT), and cyber defense will become more difficult in the face of these attacks. Attacks targeting service delivery and defense mechanisms directly will seriously affect all industries. Most of these systems will be victims of cyberattacks, and the services provided to system users will be disrupted. Even an attack on just one critical infrastructure service provider will directly affect the lives of millions.

  1. Adaptation and Development of Cybercriminals to the Process

National security forces worldwide are getting better at capturing and punishing cybercriminals. In 2022, a new tactic is planned to be implemented to combat cybercrime worldwide: Hack–Back Operations.

  1. The Impact of Ransomware will Increase by at Least Ten Times

Ransom attacks are expected to intensify by mid–year, rapidly improving their scope, innovation, and damage. While traditional defenses such as email filters and backup systems exist, attackers find a way to circumvent these controls.

  1. The Importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cyber–Warfare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage areas are increasing and being adopted. Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops extraordinary efficiency, competence, and auto–scalability with each passing day. The incredible power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) tools, can be used in much more critical ways by cyber–attackers and defense–side teams.

  1. Use of Quantum Computers Against Attacks

Quantum Computers, a type of supercomputer, began to grow in importance. Classical Computers have a memory structure made up of bits. Each bit can take the value 1 or 0. Quantum Computers, on the other hand, contain a series of qubits. Since a single qubit can take a value of 1, 0, or between the two (quantum coincidence), it has very high data expression and processing capacity, especially in breaking encryption algorithms.

  1. The Dangers of the Cryptocurrency Market

The desire to reach more money, value, and services in the crypto money market will bring a higher rate of cyberattacks. Criminals, by their very nature, gravitate to where the money is. These cybercriminals will develop further in 2022 due to the tremendous increase in value in crypto money systems.

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