Artificial Intelligence Supported Cute “Pet Robots”

In its most general sense, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an effort to embody the functioning of the human brain. Scientists can now perform most, if not all, of the human brain, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Inventions such as robots, computers, and self–driving cars are all produced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robots are one of the most striking areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), embodying humans and animals’ brain and body systems are being developed day by day.

They are the types of robots that look like pets, produced with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) method developing day by day. Robot pets are created so that people do not feel lonely. Animal lovers oppose the production of these robots, which is the subject of much discussion. The reason for this opposition is; The idea is that robot pets will replace real animals in the future. Every animal in the world has different characteristics. Scientists are developing their robots by examining all the features of these animals.

Humans have bonded with pets for tens of thousands of years, but according to Jean-Loup Rault, an animal scientist at the University of Melbourne, new friends are coming: Robot Pets. Just as digital technologies have changed how we interact, they can now do the same with interacting with animals.

Robot Pets and Their Uses are technological products that many people are curious about and need at the same time. Moreover, with the development of technology in recent years, scientists have started to produce robot pets to improve people’s mental health. Therefore, we can say that these built robots provide a lot of convenience to people in daily life.

What’s more, mechanical animals are also paving the way for pet ownership for people with allergies, mobility issues, or tiny homes. The most significant advantage of robot animals is that they offer the friendliness of an animal and the usefulness of a machine. Dan Goldman, who works with biomechanical robots at the Georgia Institute of Technology, describes what it’s like: “It’s going to be a dog that can understand and respond to your emotions. There will be a robot that gets under your bed and takes out the toys.”

One day, it may even be possible to transfer your pet’s mind to the memory of a robot animal and turn it into a lifelong friend. While this is persuasive in practice, it doesn’t answer whether humans can connect to machines. However, research shows we can connect. These interactive robots equipped with sensors reduce loneliness, improve mood, and increase social inclusion in nursing home residents. In addition, there is a microphone on the artificial intelligence–supported pet robot, which hears the user’s reactions thanks to the Bluetooth connection. However, there are no details yet on how the microphone will be used other than the hums.

Pet Robot “Nybble” Spreading and Rapidly Increasing in China

Nybble: World's Cutest Open Source Robotic Cat, the first product of Petoi  - YouTube

You can program this cute robot Nybble yourself. Moreover, by giving him training, you can gain cat behaviour. But, there is more; If you want Nybble, a robot that can be attached to a Raspberry Pi (a small-sized computer), to be able to think, you can also benefit from this technology.

In addition to all this, you can socialize with Nybble, and you can associate with him and give him and yourself new experiences. In addition, Nybble, which has an automatic muscle memory to walk, becomes able to detect commands with Raspberry Pi, and you can say “Come!”, “Walk!”

Our Nybble, a beautiful delivery box, seems just as easy to set up. You connect the parts of Nybble, which is inspired by Chinese woodworking, without screwing it together.

Nybble’s Unique Features

  1. Cute
  2. Realistic
  3. Being programmable
  4. Having an innovative technology
  5. The world’s first palm-sized pet robot animal
  6. Cost less than thousands of dollar robot animals
  7. It can walk, run and balance itself like a real animal

When we look at the usage areas of pet robot animals developed with artificial intelligence, there are primarily houses and workplaces. When we look at the use at home, these robot pets can bond with you thanks to artificial intelligence. These robots, suitable for human psychology, can become friends with people. It is said that the newly updated Aibo can help people with their kitchen chores. It is also noted that different features have been added so that Aibo can be used easily in companies. All robot pets are being developed day by day with new features to use in every aspect of our lives.

What are the Advantages

People sometimes feel lonely and look for a friend to take shelter in. Some people choose humans as friends, while others choose animals. People want to be friendly with animals but cannot keep animals for various reasons such as allergies, feeding, walking outside. You don’t need to feed these robot pets or take them out daily. You can quickly leave these robot animals at home alone if you travel frequently. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), these robot animals understand you and can bond with you.

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