A New Dimension: Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is an exciting concept that allows us to feel and experience the environment in the physical world live, in motion, and in real time with the sensory data generated virtually by the computer, and we predict that it will take place in large part of our lives.

Augmented reality technology is a direct or indirect live view of a new perception center created by combining computer–generated components such as sound, image or GPS data with the real world augmented and animated by sensory data. With augmented reality, the information that will appeal to the human senses and activate their feelings are modified and enriched by the computer. The emerging new smart reality is presented to the mind of the user.

Augmented reality adds graphics, sound, and other sensory enhancements over the real–world environment, in real–time. Thus, although these systems are in their infancy today, companies will use augmented reality more intensively to improve decision–making and business procedures in the future. For example, in the virtual world, operators will be able to interact with their machines, change their data, and give operational and maintenance instructions with a click of a button.

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Areas where Augmented Reality is Used

Augmented reality is now a technology that many companies consider and invest in as the applications develop, the areas where they were used increasingly in the same way. Now, brands prefer to offer a more realistic experience to their customers with AR technology.We come across many areas, from posters designed with augmented technology to billboards and animations. It is now seen in many areas, from social media applications to the medical field. The virtual world merges with real life and provides us with a completely different experience thanks to augmented technology.

  1. Industrial Design

Augmented reality can help designers in the industrial sector finalize their products, design, and operation before they are completed. For example, augmented reality can be used to visualize a car’s body part and engine layout and perform functions in the vehicle.

  1. Packaging and Marketing

You can preview what’s inside a product with augmented reality without opening the package. It can also be used as an aid when your customers choose their products from the catalog.

  1. Spatial Interaction
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Collaboration between partners can be facilitated through augmented reality and conferencing with virtual participants. For example, without being in the same environment, employees can brainstorm, discuss and hold meetings using shared visualization via touch screens as if they were in the same domain.

  1. Real Estate

Apart from brands, real estate companies can also use AR technology frequently. For example, you can watch the introductory video of the house from the advertisement that will be hung on the window of a home you are wondering about; You can reach the person who is interested in the place with a single click from the information of the owner of the ad, which will be included at the end of the video.

  1. Education
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Learning with interactive models is always more memorable. Augmented reality technology also provides this in a way.

  1. Shopping
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You are considering buying an outfit but have no idea how it will look on you. This is where augmented reality applications come into play and somehow put that outfit on you. So you will know how to stop.

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