IT (Information Technologies) infrastructures have gained a lot of importance with the effect of the systems that have developed with the digital transformation in recent years. Therefore, it has become a fundamental issue that many businesses start to spend their expenses according to the rapidly developing IT (Information Technologies) technologies.

Components of IT Infrastructure with All the Unknowns

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Enterprise IT (Information Technologies)  infrastructure is a technology that combines hardware, software, and network elements that make information sharing between staff or customers as efficiently as possible.

Data centers are essentially a company’s telecommunications, server, and storage space. They are facilities that house computer systems. A professional data center that offers security and availability is a vital aspect of a company’s IT (Information Technologies) infrastructure, as loss of data integrity or connectivity will significantly impact the performance of any company.

Network Switches

The primary function of Network Switches is to connect your internal IT (Information Technologies) infrastructure elements.

This includes IP phones, personal and mobile devices, printers, and servers. In addition, well–managed network switches divert network resources where more bandwidth is needed.


Servers can run on your premises or in data centers. Servers at the heart of digitalized commerce, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), can turn systems into a structure where data can be queried independently. In addition, servers can make complex calculations by analyzing Big Data information.


A Router is a gateway, usually in the form of the Internet, between your internal network and the outside world. Routers should use the most up–to–date hardware and software, as they are an essential part of managing network traffic and securing the connection.


The Firewall controls all network data and manages who can and cannot access it. Therefore, a security breach is quite severe. Even large companies have experienced public data loss incidents. This situation does not only affect the business processes or earnings of the institutions, an institution that is faced with a security vulnerability also suffers from a loss of reputation.


The Software can reside on a company’s systems or a professional data center that offers server and cloud services. The infrastructure–as–a–service (IaaS) model has become more prevalent, covering the entire IT (Information Technologies) infrastructure. This is because the software is not only easily accessible thanks to cloud–based solutions, but the cloud partner will take care of any upgrade and maintenance issues.

Thus, cloud–based software has become so common that no one thinks of it as a separate category.

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