The New Mobile Payment Method of the Future “Selfie

Selfie çekerken Kupası Tutan Kadın

Technology companies that develop easy, simple, and secure payment solutions are implementing selfie and fingerprint authentication systems, which save consumers the trouble of remembering passwords and eliminate the risk of being used by others. For example, in online shopping, it is enough for users to authenticate by taking a selfie or showing a fingerprint to a security application that they will install on their computers, tablets, and smartphones instead of a password. As a result of difficulties with password usage, consumers want to be able to make their payments with more accessible methods such as “click,” “tap,” or “blink.”

Consumers prefer biometric verification rather than entering a password when making payments. They may refrain from shopping because the existing authentication systems for online shopping are not practical, or they cannot remember the password. Companies that will be the key to secure shopping aim to meet the needs of the research results with this new authentication application; It saves cardholders from remembering passwords and makes the payment process fast, reliable, easy, and practical. In addition, all users have to scan their fingerprints on their mobile phones or take a selfie for facial recognition.

With this innovative technology, forgetting a password is no problem. Users who want to pay with their selfies instead take a picture of them to create a digital map of their face. Those who wish to authenticate with fingerprints develop a record of their fingerprints in the same way. It is necessary to blink at the camera while taking a selfie to make it safer and more secure to pay with selfies and to prevent the payment from someone else with an old photo.

açık hava, ağaç, ayakta içeren Ücretsiz stok fotoğraf

The preference for this face recognition procedure is related to the fact that it is much more secure than using a traditional password in payment verification processes. Because these expressions and face shapes, which cannot be imitated by anyone else, are seen as more reliable than passwords that are more likely to be hacked and stolen.

Thanks to this technology, which will revolutionize mobile payment systems, every sector will be able to profit, and consumers will now enjoy a safe shopping experience. Moreover, the implementation process will be easier than other applications. Anyone who has a phone or a computer will now be able to get payment cards by acquiring this application.

With the selfie that everyone loves, you will have access to your special moments and many things from accessories to cosmetics to accompany those special moments.

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