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Empower your Global vision with Cutting-Edge Management Consulting

Empower your Global vision with Cutting-Edge Management Consulting

At the Crossroads of Innovation and Insight, Setting New Standards in Management Excellence — Inspired by Global Leaders, Crafted by aNumak & Company

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Empowering your Business transformation journey for modern Success.

Business Strategy

Crafting success through Strategic Brilliance.

Customer Insights

Unlock deep customer insights with AI: Tailor experiences, anticipate needs, and drive growth. Transform data into a strategic advantage.

Generative AI

Enhancing creativity and transforming customer experiences with cutting edge technology.

Data Modernization Consulting

Elevating Businesses through Data Modernization Mastery

Sales & Marketing

Driving Growth through Strategic Sales & Marketing Mastery.

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing Operations: Supply Chain Management Expertise.

Business planning, strategy and execution

Confidently plan growth with our services: roadmap, trends, analysis, strategies.

Innovative Strategy Development

Innovate with our strategy: tech, analytics, industry insights for business forefront.

aNumak & Company

Crafting real-life strategies for Global Leadership

Join forces with us to elevate your digital journey and unlock unparalleled potential on the global stage

  • Harness our world-class expertise to drive your business forward with tailored, growth-focused strategies designed for global leadership

  • Stay on the cutting edge of innovation by seamlessly integrating advanced technologies into your operations

  • Embark on a comprehensive transformation journey that addresses every facet of your business, aligning with the dynamic needs of global leadership for enduring success

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Client Partner

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Potential Delays ML Model

“aNumak & Company’s Alteryx-powered machine learning model revolutionized our port operations. The dynamic planning, accounting for factors like break time and equipment failure, ensures efficient scheduling. Unlike before, we now adapt plans in real-time, addressing constraints effectively. Kudos to aNumak & Company for their innovation and commitment to operational excellence!”

Patrick Goodman 


Converted users

aNumak & Company achieved the client’s mean absolute percentage error goal, impacting the business positively. The team had weekly meetings with the client to discuss the project’s progress. Overall, their agility and willingness to learn impressed the client.

David Allende


Sales increase

“Thanks to aNumak & Company, our sales strategy expansion across the USA was seamless. Their consultancy and enterprise account expertise were game-changers. Highly recommended for their strategic impact!”

Richey Somaya