siyah ve beyaz soyut resimFor companies to survive as a product of their environment, they have to change and adapt to change. Developments and changes such as the developing and changing economic structure, individual growth, and the significant shift in customer expectations and preferences resulting from this development, the aggravation of competitive conditions resulting from technological development, and globalization have affected the management. As a result, Strategic Management and reengineering concepts have come to the fore. The basis of all these systems is increasing organizational efficiency and providing a competitive advantage.

The primary purpose of the companies is to have high efficiency and effectiveness, and they have to achieve these goals in an environment that is in a constant and rapid change process. Therefore, Strategic Management has become necessary in companies’ efficient and effective leadership. The basis of the Strategic Management approach is strategic planning and ensuring the continuity of this management approach. Strategic planning is a management tool that is constantly, dynamically, and continuously renewed, developed, and revised according to changing conditions, rather than a plan that companies make and follow at some point in their lives. Therefore, the Strategic Management approach does not include stagnation but continuous development and change. Organizations should establish a Strategic Management approach to raise their image, meet increasing customer expectations, survive under competitive pressure, increase their efficiency and provide cost control.

A successful strategic planning application; is a systematic approach for creating strategies, determining targets for the implementation of the system, and transforming targets into daily, monthly, and annual actions to achieve the targets set for the organization in general.

How business owners can adapt their companies to the changing world conditions every day, how they can establish a structure that will meet the changing and increasing demands of customers, how they can announce their vision and goals with a company–wide strategy that everyone can understand from top to bottom, and how their vision and strategy can reach customer goals, they ask how they can ensure compliance with activities and customer expectations. Based on all these questions, the dynamic, current situation, and the current environment are best understood and analyzed, the compliance of the existing structure with the vision, mission, and goals of the business owner, customer expectations, and competitive conditions are determined fully and accurately, the development of weaknesses and the prevention of threats The Strategic Management approach, in which strategic action steps are determined to eliminate

Strategic planning as a management tool; By focusing on organizational resources, ensures the effective use of resources, reduces costs, increases the satisfaction of parties, increases cooperation between departments and processes, provides the development and efficiency of business processes every year, forces managers and employees to carry out planned activities, eliminates unplanned, unnecessary and unhelpful activities. And causes organizational resources in financial planning.

It is the result of a change process that firms acquire a culture to use strategic planning as an effective tool in corporate governance. First of all, getting professional help in establishing such an understanding; is essential both in terms of accurately and objectively analyzing the environmental conditions inside and outside the business and determining company orientations by correctly perceiving the vision and mission. The methodology to be followed, the questions to be asked and the analysis techniques to be followed, the objective approach to the answers to be received, and the establishment of an environment of trust, the evaluation tools and methods to be used are critical in understanding the current situation and in the correct evaluation of the resources.

Of course, all companies make many strategic decisions consciously or unconsciously and show their activities in line with these decisions.

Professional support is of great importance in a planning study to be made for the first time, both as a learning process and in terms of making the first determinations correctly. To establish this culture and make it a part of the organizational life, the professional support received during the implementation will be effective, and the strategic management will be systematized. Our companies need to determine the focal points to differentiate to gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is critical for them to accurately determine which subjects they will focus on in line with their product and market strategies and the objectives and success criteria for the areas they focus on. Only in this way can all resources be mobilized for the correct targets.

The understanding of strategic planning, which is being promoted as an essential tool of development and change in both public administration and the private sector, should be prevented from being perceived as a modern trend, and the importance and seriousness of the issue should be understood. Organization managers should be encouraged to consider examples that have implemented the strategic management approach and have been successful. In addition, individuals and organizations that will carry out this type of work for the first time should be supported by experienced teams to be trained and managed.

Planning studies that do not adopt the institution’s vision and do not focus on the institution’s resources should not be expected to be adopted from the top down within the organization and be a part of doing business. It should be emphasized that the systems to be created should be designed correctly, and successful methods should be used to achieve the goals that reveal the reason for the existence of the companies.


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