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Digital Marketing is a concept that has recently been included in trade methods and trade terminology, where the Internet and technology have penetrated our every cell. Digital platforms, which gain more importance day by day in the world and which both brands and consumers prefer, enable the development of digital markets and increase the competition there. Digital markets and Digital Marketing, where a product or service can be found much more quickly, alternatives can be searched, and user habits are positively changed, naturally requires much more professional management, design, and communication. In Digital Marketing, brands can choose many different platforms and forms of communication to reach their target audiences. However, there are so many options, and the newly spread Digital Marketing habits continue to be carried out incorrectly by many people and brands. As a result, they consume their brand image and budgets in vain with the wrong Digital Marketing Strategies.

Digital Marketing Methods

There are many methods that brands can use in this environment where digital products are served digitally in digital environments. In its most general form, Digital Marketing can be done with the following options;

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), (Google Ads, Display Network, Video Ads, etc. All Google ad models are in this category.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

Remarketing (Retargeting),

Social Media Marketing,

Influencer Marketing,

Affiliate Marketing,

Content Marketing,

Mobile Marketing,

Mailing (Email),

Starting 2022 by preparing a Digital Marketing strategy helps you reach new audiences by promoting your e–commerce site and products. In addition, planning your work on the Internet and developing a strategy for your marketing work during the year will help you manage your business and your marketing budget more effectively.

How to Prepare a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Goal Setting

When creating a Digital Marketing Strategy, the first thing you need to do is determine your brand’s goals. To do this year and what you want to achieve with your work. Things to consider when setting your goals:

Create your milestones by setting these monthly, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Next, identify the metrics you will measure: Identify the critical metrics you need to measure in your marketing efforts.

Next, make your Digital Marketing Plan: Determine suitable works for your goals by creating your Digital Marketing Plan.

Identifying Digital Platforms

Next, you need to determine the platforms for your Digital Marketing Strategy. Doing these studies on the proper channels will help you use your marketing budget more efficiently while increasing the returns you will receive. For example, it would help determine which social networks you will be on, choose which digital publications you will contact for PR, and decide whether to use AdWords campaigns. We can list the marketing channels you can use as follows:

assorted-color social media signageEmail Marketing

Google AdWords

Affiliate Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing and SEO

Content Production

It would also help determine how you will have this content and at what interval you will produce and publish it. Creating a content calendar for blogs and social media is one of the first things you should do. While making this plan, you decide how often you will produce this content deciding what kind of content you will have.

Content Sharing

After you have determined your content calendar by doing your preliminary work on content production, you will share your content. It would also help determine where and how this content will be shared in your content plan.

Evaluate Existing Content

You can also evaluate the content you have produced in previous years within the Digital Marketing Strategy. Then, you can reshare these contents and get traffic through them.

You can focus on keywords and re–evaluate by sharing this content on social networks by doing SEO studies. You can create interaction by resharing your high–traffic articles, or you can work to highlight your non–traffic compositions.

The Layout on Digital Platforms

It is also essential for your marketing efforts to create an order on the digital platforms you are involved in. For this, you need to determine how often you will produce content and how often you will share it in your content plan. Regular content sharing is essential, especially if you want to generate traffic and engagement organically. When you post regularly on digital channels, you get:

Increases interest in your products and services,

Increases demand brands and products,

You enable consumers to take action,

Increases brand awareness,

Analysis and Data Follow–Up Studies

In the last step of the Digital Marketing Strategy preparation process, you need to determine how you will analyze and follow up your work. You can set different metrics for different channels, define the metrics you will measure in your marketing efforts in general, and track the return on investment of your actions. It is essential to measure your return on investment, and in doing so, you need to measure per campaign. In this way, you can see which marketing efforts bring you effective results and measure which ones need improvement.

Digital Marketing Tactics

After learning what Digital Marketing is and listing the Digital Marketing Methods, let’s come to the most crucial part. What can be done on behalf of Digital Marketing, and how should it be done for an effective result?

Accept the difference of the digital world!

First of all, brand managers need to understand and accept that Digital Marketing methods are different from Classical Marketing Methods.

You may be a legend in the face–to–face trade, but after all, you are in a digital environment, and you have to provide services by acting without seeing people’s faces and hearing their voices.

Let your technical infrastructure be flawless!

No matter what platform you do, Digital Marketing, the digital world is a whole, and if even one of its legs is missing, it is inevitable to experience problems. So, what should be done in this regard? First of all, no matter what platform you are marketing from, you need a modern website that best promotes your brand and creates a reliable image.

Be on relevant platforms!

Confusing the concepts of Digital Marketing and brand promotion is also one of the most common problems.

It should be known that not every brand has to advertise on every platform! It should not give to avoid financial loss anyway!

kitap okuyan kişiBe on all social media and digital platforms, but don’t expect results from all of them. On average, LinkedIn leads businesses to 43%, compared to 37% on Twitter. However, this rate is only average. The sector you serve, whether this type of service is local or in broad service areas, you should analyze the target audience profile you do well and follow strategies in line with these.

SEO, the new trend of the digital world!

No matter what, no one can introduce you better than you.

SEO is the most helpful marketing method in the medium, and the long term is much more permanent and effective than other marketing methods.

In addition, doing SEO contributes to Digital Marketing and reinforces your brand’s awareness and place in the digital world.

Make your brand known!

Just as everyone who comes to the store does not buy products, this is also the case in the digital world. However, do not forget that all these visits are either your advertisements or sales in the long run, as in the same stores. This is the system in Digital Marketing. Everyone who sees your ad will not buy a product but will have information about your brand. For this reason, use ads outside of large campaigns even if you don’t have a big budget, set aside regular marketing budgets, and keep your brand awareness.

Keep communication a priority!

Just as your face–to–face communication with people who come to your store in real life decides whether or not they will visit you later, the same system is also valid in Digital Marketing. Always speak warmly and levelly. Remember that your customers are in the virtual environment, and you can force it.

Keep your posts constant!

Apart from advertisements, give your customers reasons to follow you.

Make your posts compelling, informative, and intriguing.

The harder it is to follow people on social platforms, the easier to unfollow them.

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