• The role largely involves being the visual business communicators, providing creative support to the sales team
  • Working in collaboration with the sales function to take a concept and turn it into a visual masterpiece.
  • Customize and produce PowerPoint presentations and proposal documents, templates, infographics representations for clients.
  • Must be able to understand requirements and flavour to develop creative concepts and incorporate them into the outputs
  • Understand the latest PowerPoint trends and designs and can add visuals, charts, and graphics to create presentations that capture the client’s attention
  • Develop and design presentations primarily in PowerPoint that advance key business objectives and tell the story through clean, concise, and well-organized slides.
  • Will distill clear messaging while incorporating smart visual solutions that make a difference at high-stakes meetings that affect major business decisions.
  • This role will require someone who can leverage their strategic thinking and analytical skills to generate infographics, data-visualizations, and synthesize paragraphs of text into concise ideas.
  • Responsible for picking the color, font, and other aspects of the presentation in line with brand guidelines and aesthetic and professional sense.
  • Analyze the requirements and create high-impact PowerPoint presentations and image-centric design works, which will help enhance the visual impact of the presentation.


  • A bachelors degree  experience in creating business PowerPoint


  • Proven expertise in Microsoft PowerPoint including Icons, Infographics and enhanced
  • layouts
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Ability to create aesthetic presentation
  • Passion for quality and on-time delivery
  • Strong visualization skills needed.
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