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Project Overview

The client aimed to revolutionize its vessel operation and management system. The goal was to create a dynamic, adaptable model for estimating the time to complete (ETC) port operations, replacing the existing static system.


The port faced challenges in operational planning due to static estimations based on fixed factors like break times, working hours, and equipment status. This method lacked flexibility and the ability to incorporate real-time data, leading to inefficiencies.


We deployed advanced data science techniques, including machine learning algorithms like Random Forest and XGBoost regressors, integrated with the Alteryx platform. These models were trained on real-time data encompassing various operational factors, allowing for dynamic and predictive planning.


The new system now provides hourly predictive updates, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Key outcomes included reduced vessel turnaround times, optimized resource allocation, and improved port management.

Client Feedback

“Implementing this predictive model has marked a turning point in managing port operations. We’ve seen tangible efficiency and resource management improvements.” – Project Head, UAE Largest Ports.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

This project has set a benchmark for operational management in the maritime industry. Looking ahead, we plan to refine our models further and expand their capabilities to encompass more nuanced aspects of port operations, driving continued innovation at Largest UAE Ports.

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